Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall, Perth

When King Street cafe Zekka closed last August, tears were shed, hands were wrung and caffeine withdrawals were begrudgingly endured. Even homages were paid.

Zekka’s all-too-sudden disappearance created a void that only one thing could fill: a cafe of equal brilliance.

Enter Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall, a temporary cafe created by the owners of Head Studio. Relax – you’re not getting abandoned again. The plan is to eventually develop the space into a larger cafe, hair salon and basement small bar.

Until then, the current version of Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall does more than suffice. What? You want me to prove it? Fine, bossypants. First, there’s the creative military-themed fit-out, 90% of which was recycled. Ammunition boxes prop up plates of pastries, rough plywood serve as benchtops and the walls are adorned with only a giant red first aid cross and a framed poster of the 1967 Italian wartime film I Giganti del Mediterraneo.

Even more creative is the food. There must be a wizard whipping up the sticky pecan spiced buns, chia seed and peanut butter protein cookies and the amazing-sounding blueberry and buttermilk popsicles. More substatial breakfast and lunch options are available alongside Five Senses coffee.

Still can’t forgive Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall for replacing Zekka? This might help: the baristas are gorgeous. Enough to make you forget how you take your coffee.

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One Comment on “Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall, Perth”

  1. October 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Ah, noted. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be coming around again to see what this Mess is made of (:

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