Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

“Real food for real people” is how Lina and Tony Armenti describe Pimlott and Strand, their brand new deli/cafe in North Perth. We’d change that to “real food for real people with real empty fridges”. Yep, that about covers it.

Inspired by a spritely 85-year-old Englishman and fellow Italophile while on a recent trip to the old country, the couple decided to take the plunge and start a business that offered the kind of things Italian delicatessens are known for: quality produce, friendly conversation and a solution to the frequent what-the-hell-do-I-make-for-dinner conundrum.

You won’t find a more cheerful place. The walls and espresso machine are splashed with lemony yellow, fresh flowers sit proudly in the corner and a long table is strewn with happy customers sipping coffee and tapping their feet to a tune from Tony’s iPod. It’s a scene that warms the soul and causes the tummy to rumble.

It won’t rumble for long. The shelves are lined with baskets of pasta asciutta, fresh bread, spices, jars of sauces and preserves and a dangerous variety of chocolate. Then there’s the glass case displaying fresh ravioli, cured meats, cheese and ready-made meals.

I visited Pimlott and Strand on its opening day. Lina, bless her soul, immediately intuited my love of desserts and offered me a taste of the cafe’s signature dish: the PK Slice. It’s an unassuming looking wedge of chocolate loaded with roasted nuts and honeycomb and sprinkled with salt flakes. Worth every calorie-laden forkful.

If only Mr Jack Pimlott, the English bloke who inspired the cafe, knew what deliciousness he was responsible for a world away.

Great: A cheerful vibe and the very naughty salty-and-sweet PK Slice
Not so Great: The ubiquitous view of the eyesore that is the Chemist Warehouse across the street

Pimlott & Strand on Urbanspoon

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