The Kiosk, Maylands

The Kiosk is to The Rise in Maylands what Monogram Caffe is to The Grove in Cottesloe: a gorgeous little café tucked inside a community rec centre. Both are in unlikely locations. Both are absolutely delicious. But while Monogram is a place to sit for hours with a coffee and a good book, The Kiosk is a place to eat – and eat well. We’re sorry to say that your book will go ignored.

The Kiosk is the baby of Justin Peters, owner of the ever-popular West End Deli. Though open only a couple of months, word has been quickly spreading that yes, it is possible to find a good coffee and meal in Maylands outside of Whatley Crescent.

The Kiosk’s menu might not be extensive, but it’s one that reveals Justin’s dedication to quality. Sweet options include toasted muesli with vanilla honey yoghurt and berry compote, or homemade crumpets with lemon thyme honey. There’s also croque madame or a steak and mushroom pie for the savoury lovers. Even more impressive is the array of baguettes, biscuits, meringues and cakes that are all made in-house, and fantastic with a cup of Vittoria coffee.

It turns out WA’s very own Wade Drummond, fresh from his stint on Masterchef, is now working in the Kiosk kitchen. If only we had known that when we visited – we would have asked him just HOW he managed to impress the formidable chef Marco Pierre White. Whatever it is, the trick seemed to have worked on Justin as well.

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One Comment on “The Kiosk, Maylands”

  1. October 1, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    The Koisk was cool… One of the waiters actually recognized me from my visits to West End Deli. That was a refreshing. Although we arrived near closing time at 3 pm… they were very happy to serve us. Thumbs up for the service there. I ordered the steak and mushroom pie, while my brunch companion ordered the potato rosti with fish. We also got a slice of banana bread to share among ourselves. Overall the food was good. The steak and mushroom pie was similar to the ones in West End Deli and I reckon they’ll essentially the same. That’s probably because both restaurants are operated by the same boss. The banana bread didn’t stand out, but the rosti with fish was interesting. Either way it’s a great visit if you’ll craving for some West End Deli fare but find yourself in Maylands.

    In West End Deli, I strongly feel the scrambled eggs and bacon are a must. I have yet to sample the ones from the Koisk, but judging from the quality of the steak pie, it should not differ greatly from the great food served up in West End Deli.

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