Basic Needs Pop-Up

Considering Perth’s love of street food, it’s surprising that the pop-up restaurant wave took so long in reaching our shores. But arrive it has. And at the crest of it is Basic Needs – a pop-up restaurant taking place every Thursday this winter in The Bird’s cosy courtyard in Northbridge.

The epicurean force behind the pop-up is Bobby the Baker, a 21-year-old best known for his famous “cakiepops” (cake on a stick – genius!), multi-coloured cupcakes and other sweet treats he’s sold at markets and festivals around Perth.

But you’ll find more than sweetness at Basic Needs. Bobby has ventured into the realm of the savoury, offering dishes like Crispy Bocconcini with marinara, Baked Potato Skins with Beef Hash and Prosciutto-Bundled Chicken with Potted Stilton in a Bap (pictured above). In other words, warming food that goes great with a beer and live music, both of which are in steady supply at the Bird.

Bobby describes the Basic Needs menu as everyday food with a twist. “It’s basic foods which are reconstructed, using local produce and select obscurities,” Bobby says. “There is an element of surrealism that touches several of the menu items.”

In no dish is this more evident than in the Peanut-Butter Whip with Purple Stuff, which is essentially peanut butter cups with grape soda pearls that have the look and texture of caviar. For a measly $3, we’re pretty sure this dessert will have you singing the praises of pop-ups.

(Also published in AgendaCity)

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