Epic Barista School, West Perth

West Perth’s Epic Espresso is on a mission to be WA’s “ultimate espresso bar”. Many Perthites would say that they’ve already achieved that status. It’s one of those places that wins you over instantly. The coffee’s great and the service friendly. The only thing you might complain about is the perpetual queue.

Epic’s roster of master baristas has inspired the café to launch an espresso school. Three different workshops are held twice a week at Epic Espresso and lead by head trainer Gabriel Tan, who has years of elite level barista experience and extensive commercial practice. To ensure maximum participation for attendees, there are no more than eight students per workshop.

Espresso Mastery
This workshop is perfect for a newbie in the industry or a home enthusiast. This workshop teaches the foundational skills of espresso-based drink creation, espresso dosing, milk texturing, machine maintenance and the identification of ideal roast profiles.

Latte Art Skill Training
Building on the skills attained in the previous course, this workshop is for anyone interesting in raising their game up a notch. The session focuses on advanced skill training for achieving glossy, silky milk texture and mastering latte art like hearts, tulips and rosettas.

Advanced Espresso Mastery
This final advanced session takes baristas to a whole new level in their coffee preparation skills by encouraging advanced palate development. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to easily prepare any drink on the Epic Espresso coffee menu.

Just don’t expect your diploma from Epic Espresso School will get you a queue-cutting pass.

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