Cocktail Classes at 1907, Perth

Of all of Perth’s great small bars, few can whip up a cocktail to the calibre of 1907 Cocktail Bar. Chalk it up to the bartenders who are as knowledgeable as they are friendly, the small touches – many of the liqueurs, bitters and syrups are homemade – or their swoon-worthy collection of rare top-shelf liquor.

Whatever gives 1907 Cocktail Bar the edge, they certainly have it. But the bartenders aren’t keeping their cards to their chest. Instead, they hold monthly Cocktail Classes and divulge their cocktail-perfecting secrets. Are they crazy or generous? They’re both, we figure.

During the three-hour course, guests learn the basics of cocktail making as well as the steps for mastering three cocktails: a classic cocktail, a twisted classic and one of the contemporary cocktails on 1907’s award-winning menu. The best part: after all the hard work of measuring, shaking and straining, you get to drink the cocktails you’ve made.

Mike, the bar manager at 1907, was our teacher for the class. Rather than dazzle us with bottle-flipping shenanigans à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail, Mike shared tips for how to turn an excellent cocktail into a perfect one. On the curriculum was the proper treatment of mint leaves in a mojito (the clap-and-squeeze technique makes all the difference), the recipe for perfect sugar syrup and recommendations for gin (1907’s faves come from New Zealand. Go figure!).  Of the three cocktails Mike demonstrated, the Black Passion Martini was our favourite. It’s a combination of vodka, lemon juice, passionfruit pulp and Crème de Mure in a chilled sugar-rimmed martini glass. Divine.

World Cocktail Week may be over (only 49 weeks till the next one!), but our love for cocktails is as strong as ever.

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