Sake Bar, Northbridge

Sake. Whether you like it hot, cold or shaken into a pink cocktail, Perth’s newest Japanese restaurant Sake Bar has got you covered.

Open since December, Sake Bar is one part izakaya bar, one part traditional Japanese restaurant in the heart of Northbridge. Walk through the doors, and you’ll immediately notice the long black marble bartop behind which lie row upon row of bottles of sake – a Japanese drink made from fermented rice – on rich mahogany shelves.

They’ll serve it to you in the traditional manner – hot or cold – but you can tell the bartenders get more of a kick out of mixing up a saketini or two. And there are dozens of them. The prize for the most creative goes to Yakuza’s Revenge – a potent mix of Tangumai sake, Yamazaki whiskey, Noilly Prat vermouth, Campari and Heering Cherry Liqueur. They claim it’s for the “distinguished palate”. Maybe. But we reckon it’s also for the brave.

But Sake Bar is much more than just a bar. Venture further in, and you’ll see that the back half of Sake Bar is a long dining room with private rooms, booths and small freestanding tables separated by bamboo partitions. The private rooms – which seat 6-10 people, feature authentic tatami flooring and shoji sliding doors. You’ll definitely forget you’re in Northbridge.

Hungry? There are small izakaya-style dishes designed to share like gyoza, edamame, and the deliciously naughty tori karaage – deep fried chicken with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce. Then there’s the sashimi, sushi and even a Japanese carpaccio of kingfish, salmon and octopus. Good luck choosing!

If you’re up for it, head across the street to Hit Studio for some after-dinner karaoke. You might as well put your saketini buzz to good use.

(Also published in AgendaCity)

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