Canvas, Fremantle

There’s been a spicy shake-up at the Fremantle Arts Centre café. Besides a fitting new name, it’s also taken on a brand new identity as a Freo’s newest Middle Eastern restaurant.

The intimate courtyard dining area has been left untouched – wooden tables are still sheltered by leafy and flowering creepers. As always, the open and cheerful yellow gate affords glimpses of the grassy garden, strewn with frolicking children whose energy has outlasted their interest in the art centre’s current exhibition.

The menu, however, has gone through a complete renovation. Chef Nimrod Kazoom has created a Middle Eastern menu inspired by his Israeli background.

Canvas’s signature breakfast is the Shakshuka – the typical breakfast eaten daily by millions in the Middle East and North Africa. Known as huevos flamencos in Spain and menemen in Turkey, Shakshuka comprises eggs poached in an 8-hour tomato sauce, served on Canvas’s homemade Moorish sourdough bread, which is baked daily with herbs grown on the premises by the FAC’s own gardener.

Lunch includes homemade dolmades, Tunisian lamb brains shakshuka, a lamb and kalamata burger, and dips like cumin’d hummus, homemade labneh (a soft cheese made from yogurt) and a smoked eggplant, feta and kalamata olives.

We figure the best way to experience Canvas is by visiting on a night that the “Twilight and Tapas” is on. Diners can sample tapas from the a la cart menu while experiencing live Flamenco music and performances

You can’t help but wonder how the resident artists manage to concentrate with all of those gorgeous smells and sounds wafting about.

(Also published in AgendaCity)

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