Snags and Sons, Leederville

Snags. A fixture at backyard barbecues and those nights when you can’t be fussed to make anything requiring more than a sausage, white bread and tomato sauce.

But not anymore. The humble hotdog is enjoying a revival in Perth. The latest is Snags and Sons – an eatery in Leederville opened by Justin Bell of Jus Burgers – proving that there is, in fact, an art to creating the perfect snag experience.

First, you create a laid-back vibe in the restaurant. You cover the walls with images of iconic Perth landmarks like the Dingo Flour Mill and brightly coloured food adverts for mustard and cider. No girly stuff here. Then you slap some cylindrical surfaces atop some rusted wine barrels – which you then call tables. But most importantly, you fill the entire space with the gorgeous smell and sound of sizzling snags.

The décor sorted, you then turn your attention to the food. To bring the sexy back to the little old snag, you have to get the menu right. Snags and Sons serve only high quality local sausages. They include free range Linley Valley pork, Mt Barker free range chicken and Chittering Valley Venison, and even vegan and gluten free Margaret River tempeh sausages. You serve them on freshly made baby baguettes. Then you offer a collection of no-cutlery-required “dude food”: grilled mettwurst, chorizo and cacciatore with mustard fruits. To avoid neglecting the sweet teeth, you stock treats from Perth’s pastry master Rochelle Adonis. Yep, that’s the winning formula.

But this all begs the question: did Justin create Snags and Sons just to reduce the perma-queue at Jus Burgers two doors down? Hm. Smart man.

(Also published in AgendaCity)

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