Santi’s, Nedlands

You may not have thought that Hampden Road needed another coffee shop. Boubar, Neds, Rocket Fuel and Ti Amo have been serving the steady stream of customers from UWA and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for years.

A mother and daughter team politely disagreed and just last week opened their café Santi’s in the spacious ground floor of the shiny new office building across from Hollywood Private Hospital.  Mary and Daniela have spent their careers in hospitality and have a trick up their sleeve: the Santi family come from a little town just outside of Lucca. And boy, does this family love food.

This Italian influence is evident throughout the café, but nowhere more than in the food. The display case holds freshly fried arancini balls, panini, gigantic side plate-sized biscuits and naughtily delicious looking cakes. The menu, on the other hand, holds surprises like breakfast bruschetta, fresh pasta du jour and the Santi’s Burger, made with Italian mince and sausage. The coffee is made with a special blend served exclusively at Santi’s

The décor, too, contains touches of the Italian heritage. We love the feminine accents like the paisley lampshades, picture frame table numbers and checkerboard flooring. One wall contains a mosaic of framed black and white photographs taken during the annual visits to their Tuscan hometown. Behind the register is a dramatic black panelling with the scrawled words “Caffé e cibo son fatti con amore”: the coffee and food are made with love. They sure are.

(Also published in AgendaCity)

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