Standing Room Only, Perth

There are two types of coffee shops. Those that invite you kick your feet up and stay a while, who are all about delivering ambiance, space and wifi. Then there are those whose business it is to get you caffeinated and get you on your way. What do these guys deliver? Taste, taste and taste.

Perth’s newest espresso bar Standing Room Only falls into the second group. As the name suggests, there are no seats in this closet-sized café. Instead, there’s a gorgeous sky blue Synesso espresso machine and – if you’re lucky enough to find a place at the miniscule “brew bar” – the open invitation to chat with the barista and learn a thing or two about the coffee these guys are passionate about making.

So what makes it so special? Well, first there’s the selection of coffee blends. There’s the default house blend (currently a mix of Guatemalan, Ethiopian and Columbian beans), a single-origin “guest” from alternative small-scale roasters from around the world (this month it’s Perth’s own Grand Central Coffee Roasters), and a single-origin bean by 5 Senses’ Backroom Coffee Program. Can we tell the difference? Um, no. Do we still love having the choice? You betcha.

Standing Room Only’s choice of brewing methods is pretty cool too. Customers can choose from four: espresso, syphon, V60 pour over and cold-drip. Don’t know the difference? Just ask!

Lastly, the baristas make some pretty amazing latte art. In fact, Michael Munroe – whose father owns the joint – won third place in the AASCA WA Coffee Championships a couple weeks ago.

Who needs a chair when your coffee is both delicious and beautiful?

(Also published in Agenda)

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