Six Senses Thai, Subiaco

Fusion food. Phony culinary buzzword or promise of rule-breaking originality? Whatever side of the fence you’re on, you’re sure to gain a new appreciation for fusion when you visit Subiaco’s new restaurant Six Senses Thai.

Since opening in December, Six Senses has made a name for itself by shaking up notions of Thai food. Its formula: combining fresh Aussie produce with traditional Thai flavours, and serving it in a modern and upscale dining space.

Six Sense’s signature dish is its version of massaman curry – a traditional curry from Southern Thailand – made with Aussie lamb shank rather than the typical beef or chicken. Same lovely spicy peanuty sauce with just-falling-off-the-bone lamb. The warm beef salad is made with Wagyu beef, with a flavour-packed marble score of 9+, instead of the ho-hum grain fed beef you would find in most Thai restaurants. The chilli and lime dressing make it familiar, but the beef makes the dish sing.

For the purists out there, Six Senses does serve the classics. The Betel Leaf Prawns will bring you straight back to that unforgettable holiday in Bangkok. The Pad Thai is the perfect combination of smoky, sweet and salty that can only come from the hands of a seasoned chef and even more seasoned wok. Our favourite, the Thai Style 3 Flavoured Baby Baramundi (pictured above), is deep fried pieces of fish in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Divine.

The rule bending stops when it comes to the dessert at Six Senses. The chef favours classics like taro and sago in coconut cream, and sticky rice with mango. Guess there are some classics you can’t fusion-ify without angering the culinary gods.

(Also published in Agenda)

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