The Daily Espresso Bar, Swanbourne

Do you know the secret to why cities like Melbourne and Seattle have such awesome coffee? Saturation. When you’re competing with six other coffee shops on your same city block, you up your game.

So when the Daily Espresso Bar joined Swanbourne’s burgeoning café community three months ago, owners Charlie Galbally and Laurence Greenfield knew that their survival depended on perfecting one thing – coffee. Because while Swanbourne’s other cafés do serve respectable coffee, it falls secondary to their other specialties. Bookcaffe is more about books than long blacks, and you can find better croissants than café au laits at Choux Café. But the Daily Espresso Bar’s forte is coffee and coffee alone.

The boys opened shop in place of the Swanbourne newsagency and decked it out in custom-made wooden tables and shelves from Raw Edge Furniture. The walls have been left bare, and decoration is little more than burlap coffee bags and containers of tea. By keeping the décor minimal, guests are able to focus on what they’ve come for: beautiful coffee.

And oh, how beautiful it is to sip 5 Senses coffee while chatting with a friend, watching the wind rustle the boughs of the Norfolk pines just outside the window and sampling some of the cakes, baked fresh from Floreat café and bakery Fortysevenkirwanstreet.

But the ace up Daily Espresso Bar’s sleeve? It turns out that Daily’s Synesso espresso machine was shipped in from Seattle. Figures!

(Also published in Agenda)

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