The Bürgermeister

Nedlands is a neighbourhood of huge contrasts. It marks the start of Perth’s “Golden Triangle” of the privileged western suburbs, but is also home to the UWA and heaps of budget student accommodation. Besides the odd fast food joint, most local restaurants cater to Nedlands’ wealthier residents.

But finally an affordable – and delicious – restaurant has set up shop in Nedlands: The Bürgermeister. This burger restaurant is all about unpretentious food, funky décor and a door that’s open to everybody.

Walking through said door, you might think you’ve actually stepped into student accommodation. Lava lamps slowly gargle their globules in front of a wall of kitschy wallpaper depicting kimono-clad Japanese girls. One wall is plastered with gig posters, another with a mosaic of multicoloured metal pot lids.

You’ll have to blink a couple of times to shut out the distraction of the décor and focus on the menu. If you’re hanging out for a burger, you have a dozen to choose from. We’d recommend one of the beef burgers, which are made from organic, grass-fed Devon cattle from Bindoon. But we also tasted the Roast Field Mushroom burger – a great choice or vegos and mushroom-lovers.

If you’re more keen on a hotdog, choose between three types of German sausage – frankfurter, bratwurst or wiener – which are sourced from a local German butcher.

At The Bürgermeister, the average burger costs around $12 and a hotdog $10. Just think, with the money you’ll save from dinner, you can start saving for that Nedlands mansion you’ve had your eye on.

(Also published in Agenda)

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