Kahawa Café

Next time you’re in search of a coffee in Claremont, but not in the mood for the perfumed poshness of the new shopping centre, then head to leafy Davies Road and give Kahawa Café a try.

The café is definitely not putting on airs. It’s all about friendly service, great food and a place sip coffee over the morning paper.
Owners Jason and Nooreen opened their business four months ago in a bid to create a totally unique café. Since Noreen was raised in Kenya, they chose to adopt an African theme. Antler chandeliers hang from the ceiling and African artefacts are displayed throughout the café.

The food is delicious and all made fresh on the premises. They serve the usual breakfast options, but if you are the mood for something more exotic, there are savoury dishes like curries and stuffed capsicums that incorporate African flavours. Oh, and we forgot to mention that breaky is served all day. Anyone for some arvo pancakes?

Besides serving a great cup of Fiori coffee, Kahawa also offers Rooibos herbal tea from South Africa. The red-tinged brew contains five times the antioxidants of green tea and is naturally caffeine free. There’s the “Red Espresso” and “Red Cappuccino”, but in this heat, the Fresh Red is our favourite – it’s Rooibos mixed with apple juice and poured over ice.

Bet you won’t find that over in Claremont Quarter.

(Also published in Agenda)

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