New Edition, Northbridge

I’m loving Northbridge lately with all of its new restaurants, festivals and shiny new reputation as Perth’s cultural centre. Really, I’ve almost forgot it’s seedy past. Need proof? How about the staggering fact that a bookstore has opened there? Yes, I said opened, not closed.

New Edition Northbridge may only be a sixth of the size of its flagship shop in Fremantle, but it carries just as much charm.

The bookstore’s teeny tiny space is stocked floor to ceiling with Italian modular shelving holding thousands of books. The wooden floors have a pleasant squeak to them as a browser passes over them. The small space doesn’t feel crowded, but cosy.

The books themselves are organised in a logical way, and seem to favour art and culture. There’s a great selection of fashion, photography and design books in one corner, and in another a huge array of cookbooks. The non-fiction section contains Australian authors as well as the classics.

Don’t overlook the espresso machine nestled in the corner. That’s the mini-Grumpy Sailor Café. Like it’s older sibling, it too serves Crema coffee… but sadly, no treats. Lucky for the hungry, Jean Pierre Sancho Bakery is just a few metres down the road.

They say the old fashioned bookstore is in its death throes. Luckily for us, that just ain’t so in Northbridge.

(Also published in Agenda)

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