Dough, Northbridge

It’s entirely possible that Naples was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site for one thing: pizza. They say the Neapolitan water is the secret ingredient. If that’s true, then how is a new pizzeria in Northbridge, called Dough, able serve such delicious, you-won’t-believe-you’re-not-eating-this-in-Naples pizza?

You probably won’t believe us when you first walk into Dough. The place has been decorated in a modern and casual way, with exposed brick, a collage of black and white family portraits and upside down potted plants hanging from the ceiling. The ambiance is great, but it certainly doesn’t resemble a pizzeria in Naples, the majority of which have bare walls adorned with little more than a shabby photo of the city’s beloved Totò in a scene from the Neapolitan classic Miseria e Nobiltà.

You’ll still be dubious as you read through the menu. Yes, you’ll find all of the classics. Entrees like calamari and arancini, dozens of pizzas to choose from, and desserts like gelato, tiramisu and panna cotta. It all looks a little too good to be true, you might think. Plus, gasp, there are even some spelling mistakes in Italian. Mamma mia!

But then, halfway through your first bite of pizza, the following three thoughts will hit you: 1. This is damn good pizza, 2. Renee was right, and 3. I might as well scratch that trip to Naples off my bucket list.

Oh, and to let you in on Dough’s secret ingredient: it’s the Neapolitan chef Vincenzo who comes from a family of pizza chefs. Figures!

(Also published in Agenda)

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