Soho Blue Supper Club

Looking for a Saturday night hangout in Fremantle that doesn’t include having your fingerprints taken or eardrums assaulted?

Your search is over. Soho Bar and Kitchen, one of the cappuccino strip’s more popular restaurants, has just expanded into the floor above to launch a Saturday night blues supper club complete with live music, burlesque performances and table service.

The Soho Blue Supper Club is the first of its kind for Fremantle. Keen blues and swing fans themselves, Soho owners Gareth and Joanna wanted to give guests the chance to experience the musical genre, but also provide an alternative to the rowdy nightclubs that South Terrace is known for.

The vast upstairs has a distinctive Fremantle vibe. Exposed beams support high ceilings and the outdoor terrace – which doubles as the stage and dance floor – is set against a backdrop of the building’s historical brick façade. The booths lining the walls are comfy and all afford a view of the entertainment.

The Rough House Imperials set the soundtrack to the night that’s up-tempo and danceable. In fact, the band’s light-footed groupies have so much fun on the dance floor, it’ll inspire you to buy a pair of saddle shoes and sign up for swing lessons yourself.

Between sets, the floor is given to the coquettish minxes of Sugar Blue Burlesque, whose shimmying and hipshaking leave a wake of satin opera gloves, boa feathers and rosy-cheeked patrons.

No, this is not your typical Saturday night in Fremantle. And we have Soho to thank for that.

(Also published in Agenda)

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