Monogram Caffe


Have you got a free afternoon, an unputdownable book and a caffeine dependency? Then we know just where you belong: at the Monogram Caffé.

Situated inside the swish new Peppermint Grove library The Grove, Monogram Caffé is so much more than the simple coffee stand it appears at first glance. In fact, it offers everything you want from a library café: hot Fiori coffee, freshly baked treats – the delish lemon tarts are made by barista Thomas Greene himself – and a blessed absence of the grating sounds you find in most cafes. No grinding from the frappaciaterino-makers or dingalinging of the register. Instead, the only sounds come from murmured conversations, the turning of pages and the clink of cup to saucer. Oh, and did we mention that the black coffee is an unheard of $3?

While you’re there, have a squiz at The Grove itself. The library’s brand new facilities are on the cutting edge of ecological sustainability. The building houses a solar hot water, wind turbine and rainwater harvesting system that keeps the building’s energy use at an impressive low. But besides an interest in its environmental footprint, the library is keen on connecting people with words. There are enough comfy nooks and corners to tempt even the most reluctant reader to open a book or switch on their e-reader.

As long as Monogram keeps the coffee pot on, we’re thinking that readership won’t be a problem.

(Also published in Agenda)

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