The Raw Kitchen Cafe

For most people, the idea of eating raw, unprocessed food is less than appetising. Beyond the occasional piece of fruit, slice of sashimi or green salad, we tend to prefer food that’s boiled, fried, baked or heck, even microwaved.

Nevertheless, there’s a growing movement called Raw Foodism that is extolling the health benefits of a diet made entirely out of uncooked, unprocessed organic foods. Not convinced? What if we told you there was a local café serving nothing but raw food, and that it is – gasp – downright delicious?

Tucked in a cozy corner of Piazza Arcade in Fremantle is The Raw Kitchen Café, a restaurant proving that these raw foodists are on to something. Absolutely everything on the menu is made entirely from scratch and without the use of wheat, dairy, sugar or gluten.

Open just for lunch five days a week, the menu offers raw versions of lunchtime classics: a club sandwich on dehydrated flax cracker ‘bread’, vegie pizza on buckwheat crust and dehydrated corn chip nachos. Our favourite is the pasta – a dish of zucchini “spaghetti” in a marinara sauce and sprinkled with macadamia “parmesan cheese’. You won’t believe it’s not made from semolina.

Though slightly on the pricy side, ordering a smoothie is a must, it’s The Raw Kitchen’s specialty. The raw smoothies are made using fresh almond milk, frozen fruit, greens, spices and a selection of superfoods. There’s even an Iced Coffee Frappe made with coffee, agave and cashew and macadamia milk. Yum.

The best part about lunching at the Raw Kitchen Café is how healthy it leaves you feeling… so healthy, in fact, that you’ll feel you deserve dessert. There are macaroons, organic bliss balls, Florentines and a berry chocolate cheesecake, to name a few.

If eating raw means eating this well, they’ll have to make room for us on the band wagon!

(Also published in Agenda)

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