The Black Truffle

The humble Aussie milk bar is hard to come by these days. In its hey-day, it was much more than simply a place to pick up milk and a newspaper – it was a community hub. And while supermarket giants and chain convenience stores are doing their best to squash the mum-and-pop milk bars in Perth, thankfully, there has been some resistance.

An upscale delicatessen and providore in North Fremantle by the name of The Black Truffle represents the new generation of the Aussie milk bar – a place where, alongside your milk and newspaper, you can find gourmet imported oil, freshly baked bread and a perfectly crafted flat white. How’s that for an improvement?

The husband and wife team behind The Black Truffle ran a successful catering company by the same name before expanding into the shop that opened its doors just three weeks ago. Their passion for food and Italian heritage are evident everywhere. The kitchen creates a huge array of food for customers on the go: pasta dishes, freshly made salad, made-to-order sandwiches and preservative-free, ready-made meals. There’s a gorgeous selection of imported and local cured meat, cheese and antipasti such as arancini and croquettes. Good luck choosing between the dozen olive varieties on offer.

Lining the walls are shelves stocked with items that will take pride of place in your pantry, such as truffle-infused oil, squid ink pasta, preserves and sauces.

The Black Truffle is at its busiest first thing in the morning, as their already loyal local customers complete their morning ritual: a cup of Dimattina coffee, the morning paper, a take-away sandwich for lunch perhaps even a chat with a neighbour who’s there for the same reason. The milk bar may be a thing of the past, but the spirit lives on.

(Also published in Agenda)

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