Boa Brazilian BBQ

If there’s one thing that Australia and Brazil have in common, it’s an unconditional love for BBQ. But while Aussies cook on Webers and Cordon Bleus over hotplates or charcoal, the Brazilians follow an age-old tradition of churrasco, which originated in the 18th century by the gauchos of southern Brazil. These cowboys, whose diet consisted entirely of beef, perfected the art of barbequing meat on skewers over hot embers. Churrasco is now hugely popular in most Latin American countries, and is served in churrascarias, where the servers move around the restaurant with skewers of meat, offering diners as much as they can eat.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to cross the ocean to experience churrasco. Boa Brazilian BBQ is WA’s first – and arguably best – churrascaria. It caters almost exclusively to carnivores. Hungry carnivores. While you can choose from an á la carte menu, most people opt for the all-you-can-eat meal with an endless supply of meat – from Brazilian kebab, Argentinian steak and pork ribs to lamb and South American Sausage. For the vegos in the group (if any were foolhardy enough to come along) there are delicious cheese balls, and side dishes such as black beans, potato salad and farofa – a popular Brazilian dish similar to cous cous.

Once you’ve had your fill, sit back and enjoy the other reason this restaurant is so popular: the nightly live performances. Girls dressed in very small traditional costumes shake their hips to the rhythm of the samba, an iconic Brazilian dance. But beware – the girls often invite unsuspecting diners to join in!

If you have any room to spare, order the degustation dessert which comprises a trio of Brazilian treats: chocolate brigadeiro (the Brazilian equivalent of a bonbon), brazil nut brigadeiro and doce de leite-caramel. Heavenly.

There, now you shouldn’t have to eat again for a week or so.

(Also published in Agenda)

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