Frisk Espresso

In Perth, small bar licences are never squandered – they’re much too hard to come by. Nowhere is this more evident than at the city’s newest small bar, Frisk Espresso in Northbridge.

Once merely known to caffeine fiends for its fresh coffee and cupcakes, Frisk is now catering to a wider post-work clientele looking for a relaxed place to unwind. Just around the corner from the Northbridge action, yet sheltered from any rowdiness.

Besides inspiring a new menu and trading hours, the new licence has given owner Michael Cheang the opportunity to renovate the space in an environmentally responsible way, using second hand furniture and décor made from salvaged materials. Frisk’s tables are made from discarded and distressed siding, its lampshades from recycled plastic water containers and its stools from reused oil drums.

Enveloping the intimate space are walls adorned with the spray-painted stylings of the aerosol artists behind Perth-based The Graphite Crew. But don’t expect their artwork to last long. Cheang intends for the walls to change constantly, featuring the work of different local artists. Just to keep Frisk’s interior fresh.

Not that you’d visit Frisk for ambiance alone. A new bar food menu is in the works with nibbles like bread with dips, grilled chorizoand salted nuts. Frisk also welcomes the hungry to order a burger from the neighboring Lacker’s Grill, who deliver straight to your booth in Frisk.

And to wash it all down? We nearly forgot to mention Frisk’s brand spanking new – and stocked to the gills – bar with an impressive selection of boutique beer, cider, West Australian wines, premium spirits and healthy cocktails.

So next time you’re in the area, but not in the mood for the raucous club scene, duck into the spray-painted refuge of Frisk Espresso.

(Also published in Agenda)

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