Freo’s caffeine hub – Hush Espresso

To me, Fremantle is a great big playground. People flock to beaches like Leighton or dog-friendly South Fremantle, they get sloshed in local breweries like Little Creatures and Mad Monk or stuff themselves silly in the city’s restaurants like my new favourite – Chinese restaurant Joy Kitchen.

Another reason to love Freo is for its coffee. The main drags, Market Street and South Terrace, are filled with ubiquitous cafés. But where can you find Freo’s best? Answer:Hush Espresso.

I kept hearing about how great this café was, so last week I dropped by for lunch.

I jumped off the train and found Hush a mere 300 metres from the station. Uh-oh. Proximity to public transport almost never means good service or wares. I resolutely entered to face yet another red flag: only two other customers were inside, and it was 2pm. Yikes.

Then I caught sight of the glass case stocked with sandwiches and treats. I heard and smelled the grinding 5 Senses coffee. I ordered my customary “iced coffee without the ice cream” and received a momentary confused look rather than the typical look of horror most baristas give that request.

The coffee and my vegie sandwich took six minutes to reach my table – odd, since I was the only customer waiting for an order. Luckily, though, it all tasted excellent. As I happily munched away the coffee shop starting to fill with late lunchers like myself and those in search of a mid-afternoon caffeine hit. I browsed a magazine, enjoyed the soft breeze blowing in and watched passers-by on Market Street.

It became instantly clear that many of Hush’s clientele are regulars as people walked in and greeted the baristas by name. A glance at the company’s Facebook page confirms its wide fan base.

While I’ve already claimed East Fremantle’s Hubbles Yard as my local, Hush Espresso has definitely given me a good reason to visit Fremantle. Did I really need another?

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