A CBD gem – tiger, tiger coffee bar

I’ll admit I’m not crazy about Perth’s CBD. Too many soulless skyscrapers and take-away joints. Not nearly enough memorable architecture, parks, street art or fountains. The CBD seems to be completely focused on work, not play. Perhaps that explains why it empties to a ghost town after 6pm as commuters lock up the office and head home to the suburbs.

It’s no wonder tourists’ first impression of Perth is that it’s so sleepy.

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve found a little pocket of liveliness nestled in a laneway off Murray Street called tiger, tiger. Like a tiny oasis in the CBD desert, this coffee shop/wine and tapas bar is where all those hardworking (or hardshopping) Perthites go for their midday coffee or a post-work glass of wine.

And it’s no surprise this coffee bar is so popular.

First of all, the coffee is excellent. The bar serves Fiori Coffee, widely considered the best in Perth. Clare, a tiger, tiger barista says, “tiger, tiger is about consistently great coffee… Every cup is a challenge and there always has to be a measure of concentration (even after all this time) that engages you. I think you build your business on consistency and it is our aim that you enjoy all aspects of the tiger experience…coffee, food and atmosphere.” This dedication to quality has seen the coffee bar ranked amongst the best of Perth. Urban Spoon considers it the seventh best and the new coffee-obsessed website Perth Coffeescape reckons it’s Perth’s ninth best.

Photo by Beanhunter

Not a coffee drinker? No worries. tiger, tiger has an impressive and varied wine list which includes picks from Australia and overseas. Perfect for a wine lover interested in trying something outside of Margaret River (although, what’s the point, really?).

Both coffee and wine are best drunk with food, so guests can choose from either the tapas-style menu or breakfast menu – which is available all day long. Great news for brekky-lovers. The coffee bar takes pride in its menu, saying, “tiger, tiger food is unpretentiousness, simple and wholesome. It’s not trying to be more than flavoursome, inviting and satisfying sustenance.”

I visited tiger, tiger for the first time on late Saturday afternoon after hearing again and again how great it was. I loved the chilled-out vibe in the laneway and the friendliness of the large outdoor tables that are perfect for striking up conversations with other tiger, tiger guests or simply enjoying the coffee-steeped atmosphere.

I guess the CBD isn’t all bad after all.
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