cottesloe beach

Top 5 winter beaches

Sure, you’ve checked out our list of Perth’s top five beaches, and you would be all set for a swim, but those clouds are looking ominous and there’s a definite ...

PUBLIC Urban Art Walks. Photography: Matt Biocich

Public Urban Artwalks

I can’t remember what I was doing in the second week of April this year, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t painting a gigantic mural on the side of a ...


Bill’s Bar and Bites

If you can remember Wednesday nights out at the ‘Seedy Leedy’, chances are you don’t want to return in a hurry. Well, good news – it’s safe to come out. ...

Uncovering everything that's great about Perth


A Chat with Adriane Daff

Adriane Daff is explaining to me, in a break between rehearsals for ...
Photo courtesy of Jean-Paul Horre

Amok Island at 100 Hampton Road

“I like the idea that seahorses are beautiful creatures but they are ...

Queen and Adam Lambert

My friends always tease me for having the same taste in music ...
photo 2

Colours of Cuba

In the mood for a Caribbean holiday, but not a long-haul flight? ...
Christensen 4 (Credit Larry Stringer) copy

Winter Arts Season: Perth Poetry Festival Interview

Liana Joy Christensen is speaking to me from Lala Land. No – ...
5_METAMORPH_Emma Longworth-Baker

Winter Arts Season: August Picks

Like the Cambodian tuk tuk David the American prematurely jumped out of, ...

More Perthy greatness...

Photo courtesy of Jean-Paul Horre

100 Hampton Road

No matter how many times you were taught as a child not to judge a book by its cover, I’d be willing to bet you still slip up from time to time. And fair enough – it’s difficult to remember the value behind that worn-out phrase when you’re so often forced into situations that require […]

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Photo by Jarrad Seng.

Beastman + Vans the Omega

If you, like us, have fallen completely for the street art that’s been popping up all over Perth lately, I’ve got some good news for you (and if you haven’t, I’ve got bad news times two – you’re not going to like what’s coming next, and you’ll be even less fond of the disbelieving glare […]

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PICA Salon_photo by Eva Fernandez

PICA Salon

Like any good recent graduate, I hold in doe-eyed esteem the idea of intellectual adulthood I’ve spent so many undergraduate years carefully crafting. I’m fully expecting my early twenties to pass in a haze of  gin cocktails and art and literature and clever conversation with my lovely witty well-dressed friends, and I’ll be disappointed with […]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 1.57.04 PM


Every so often you come across a pairing that just makes sense. High on that list for me is the combo of gin and tonic, but I’m always looking for something to pull my attention out of my glass. And this week, something has. It’s STYLEAID, the ingenious pairing of the WA fashion industry and […]

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Winter Arts Season: Women of Letters Interview

“There’s a reason I failed multiple attempts to keep a pen pal in high school,” says comedian Andrea Gibbs when I ask her if she’s a letter-writer by habit. “I’m used to writing short stand-up bits. Not being a letter-writer in general I found it pretty tough.” Challenging it may be (and come on, aren’t […]

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Mapping Perth’s Aboriginal history

Explore Perth’s rich Indigenous history with two new free maps released by the City of Perth, which chart the significant sites of the Wadjuk Noongar people. Called Karla Yarning: stories of the home fires, the maps draw on traditional Noongar symbols to communicate their message: an ancient phenomenon in the Noongar country around the Derbal […]

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Israel film festival

Winter Arts Season: July Picks

The second month of the Perth Winter Arts Season is upon us, and unlike most follow-ups, it’s even better than the first one. With quality shows from both established performers and underground newcomers, the July schedule is diverse, ensuring that whether you’re a State Theatre Centre patron or a Blue Room fan, you’ll find something […]

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Perth Upmarket by Jason Thomas-7

Perth Upmarket

Like an unexpected Pinterest pic in your Facebook feed, the Perth Upmarket rolls around every few months to remind you that it’s ok that you can’t make quaint crafty goods – other people can, and they’re happy to do it for you. Bringing together over 150 Perth creatives, the markets are a veritable smorgasboard of […]

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Winter Arts Season: 3 Seeds

This is the kind of play I don’t mind not understanding. 3 Seeds is a composition of three short plays written by Australian-Sudanese playwright Afeif Ismail. It’s a surreal exploration of politics and storytelling, drawing heavily from the traditions of African performance, and frankly, it’s captivating – if not a little confusing. But, you’ll go, […]

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Winter Arts Season: Blossom Time

I hadn’t heard of Blossom Dearie before I went to the Ellington on Saturday night. If someone had asked, I would have guessed she was perhaps a landscape gardener – a warm, grandmotherly figure – or a professional sportswoman – a tennis player. The fact that the gig in her honour was at the Ellington […]

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