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It’s quickly becoming my favourite way to enter the Blue Room. When the usher announces the start of the show and you shuffle towards the door, straightening out your eco-friendly ...


The Standard

Photography by Ross Wallace Don’t tell my husband this, but I fall in love really easily. And all the time. Not with charming Italian men (one was enough, thank you ...

PUBLIC Urban Art Walks. Photography: Matt Biocich

Public Urban Artwalks

I can’t remember what I was doing in the second week of April this year, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t painting a gigantic mural on the side of a ...

Uncovering everything that's great about Perth


Between Solar Systems

The Blue Room Theatre’s latest offering is everything you’d expect from highbrow ...

INTERVIEW: Gita Bezard from All That Glitters

Gita Bezard doesn’t consider herself an activist. She laughs as she says ...

INTERVIEW: Shakara Walley from Songbird

We’ve got Shakara Walley’s mum to thank for the new play, Songbird, that’s ...

INTERVIEW: Finn O’Branagain and Scott Sandwich from The Epic

There are few things I love more than sharing stories with a ...


I’ll admit that those fantasies I indulge myself in about my glamorous ...

Perth International Jazz Festival: Richard Bona Band

A man in the crowd in front of me was telling his ...

More Perthy greatness...


All That Glitters

Four lanky people in gold morph suits, teased hair speckled with glitter, heads bowed, shuffling silently in line as they enter the space. They’re shot with invisible bullets – they retch and moan, their bodies spasm and contract, they bow their heads and snap straight again. Their arms cradle imaginary babies, that they rock silently […]

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INTERVIEW: Jos Franciscus from Cord Perth

Jos Franciscus and I set this interview up over email. That’s not unusual for me – it’s how I set up most of my interviews – and I suspect, after hearing about her busy week of media meetings and interviews, it was pretty standard for Jos, too. But here’s the unusual thing about all those […]

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Under This Sun

Here’s a fact about me: I nurture a healthy kind of inferiority complex, where if I don’t like something, I assume not that the thing in question is substandard, but that in fact, it’s so profound, I’ve missed the point. Food, theatre, art, dance – if it causes me to wrinkle my nose, that’s because […]

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A Chat With Warwick Doddrell

Warwick Doddrell and I quickly find out that we have in common the fact that we both have trouble taking criticism. “Are you a middle child?” I ask, assuming he’d say yes, and we’d find another point of connection with our birth order – a position typically associated with personality traits like passivity, sensitivity, and […]

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Photo by Skye Sobejko

The Confidence Man

The friend I took with me this week to the showing of The Confidence Man had seen it before, and arrived for the second show with a single tip to frame my viewing. “Just think what would happen if somebody didn’t play by the rules,” he said. He hastened to add that it definitely wasn’t […]

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Old Love

One of the questions I asked Chris Isaacs when I spoke to him last week seemed a little out of place unless you knew the context behind the query. “Is it set around a dining room table?” I asked of his new play, Old Love, which is currently showing at the Blue Room Theatre. He […]

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Photo by Simon Pynt

A Chat With Chris Isaacs

I wanted to know why Chris Isaacs had decided to write a play about old love, so I asked him a bunch of questions about it over the phone this week, while he was having a pit stop on a trip to Busselton. The response? Well, turns out, I’d kind of answered it myself – […]

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Love Letter to Myattsfield Vineyards

Oh, Myattsfield, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 1. You’re pretty as a picture, nestled in the rolling hills of the Bickley, which (soz, Swan Valley) has become our new foodie destination of choice. 2. Your wine sorbets are satisfying our red wine cravings in hot weather, and have us totally […]

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Photo by X-Press Magazine

From the Rubble

There was a very small part of me that wanted to be unimpressed by From the Rubble. Possessing, as I do, the very Australian infliction of tall poppy syndrome, the fearful part of me wanted the brilliant team behind this production to somehow disappoint us, to make it ok for me to not be hitting […]

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PUBLIC Urban Art Walks

I’m not really known as the most sporty person. Unless you can count the time I was lapped in the tryout race for inter-school cross country running and crossed the line with the leaders — no, no. I’m not known as a sporty person. But I may have just sown the seeds of change with […]

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